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Spiral Tube hore BTF-I

Spiral Tube hore BTF-I

Shuruudaha keenista:EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP, DDP

Payment:30% hoos u dhigista T / T, hadhaaga ka hor inta aan la dhoofin.

waqti Lead:witin 10-35 maalmood ka dib helitaanka lacag bixinta.

Dammaanad qaad:hal sano gudahood laga bilaabo taariikhda B/L.

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The forming die is made of spring steel. Easy to change and adjust,
Induction cutting system controls the length of the pipe.
PLC control, saw blade cutting and molding speed synchronization.
Meet the CE standards of European and American markets: CE certificate.

Spiral tubeformer is very widely used in spiral HVAC and sheet metal industry. The spiral duct machine working by adjusting the steel strip and replacing the steel strips of different sizes, it is possible to produce spiral tubes of different sizes, which are easy to change and adjust, and the joints are tightly connected and the performance is stable.

Farsamadacal Data


¢80 mm – ¢1500mm

Thickness Of Sheet Metal

Birta galvanized ah


Bir daxal laheyn


Width Of Sheet Metal

Heerka 137mm

Xawliga Quudinta

1-38m / min

Lock Seam

Outside lock seam, on the inside on request



5.5 Kw

Awood goynta

4 Kw




2700 mm × 1560 mm × 1950mm

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To meet the special requirements of our customers, we offer the model BTF I 1500C with a maximum working thickness of 2.0 mm.

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